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Haute Couture fashion house Hermes set the accessories trend when they released their double sided ribbon like silky scarves. Fashionistas used the narrow scarves, named Twilly to wrap their bag handles, making them silky to touch and pretty to look at. You definitely can get a pair for thousands of dollars, or you can make your own pair using the fabric you have at home easily.

Not everybody enjoys the feel of silk, so in this tutorial, I have used Glamo Camo in Hunter by Dear Stella to make a pair of twilly for my husband’s work bag. If you do not have a fabric in mind yet, we recommend the super soft Cotton & Steel fabrics and Dear Stella Cotton Shirting from our store.


  1. Cut two 4” strips of fabric along the width of the fabric, so you get the selvages at each end of the strip. For regular purse handles, cut the length to 34”. The handles I use in the sample are wide and slightly longer, so I used the whole width of the fabric to create a 44” long strip. (Most of the cottons we carry are 44” wide).Twilly-2
  2. Fold the strips along the length right sides together and pin.Twilly-3
  3. Draw a 45 degree angle line at the end of each strips like pictured below. Make sure you start below the white selvage. Fold your fabric once lengthwise and mark the mid point.
  4. Sew along the diagonal line until your are ¼” away from the straight edge. Stop your machine at the last stitch when your needle is in the lowest position, raise your shoe, and rotate your fabric. Continue sewing along the edge up with ¼” sewing allowance to ½” before the mid point. Finish your stitches.Twilly-5
  5. Start sewing again one inch away from where you stopped, until you finish the stitches on the other diagonal line. This will leave you an inch gap right in the middle for turning.
    Twilly-6 Twilly-7
  6. Trim the diagonal ends ¼” above your stitches.Twilly-8
  7. Utilizing a long stick like a pen or pencil, flip the tube right side out through the opening in the middle. Iron well.
    Twilly-9 Twilly-10

I hope you enjoy this simple tutorial and hope to see your awesome. Let’s get sewing!

Natasha Puspa Kartika

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