Color Me Pillowcase (From Kit)

At least once in a kid’s life, she doodles on a fabric item, be it her shirt, pillows or mommy’s new pastel colored sofa. This time, why not let her do it!? On the Color Me fabric of course. Colour Me by Hayley Crouse is coloring fabric collection that lets you and your kids customize the fabric with any color you want using fabric marker or crayon. This can be a fun art activity for them and their siblings, family or friends. And you can turn their art into something useful or even wearable.
We have Color Me basic kit that includes 1 Panel of Color me fabric and a choice of 6 or 12 fabric markers. We also have an add on Color Me Queen Sized Pillowcase Kit where you can add a strip of ¼ yard of quilting weight cotton solid fabric to your basic kit. In this tutorial, we will help you make your queen sized pillow with the kit.

Color Me Queen Size-1

When you purchase the kit and the pillowcase add on from our website, you will get:

  • 1 panel Color Me fabric
  • 1 strip of ¼ yard cotton solid fabric
  • 1 set of 6 or 12 fabric markers

We advise that you color the panel first using the fabric markers included. When your child is done coloring, you can set the colors permanently by ironing it.

Color Me Queen Size-2

We are going to use french seam to join three sides and finish the open side with a double fold edge.

  1. Cut both fabric pieces so that they are 41” in length.
  2. Align the solid fabric strip and the right side of the panel, wrong sides together.
  3. Join the fabric with ¼” seam allowance. Trim the seam allowance to ⅛”.
    Color Me Queen Size-4 Color Me Queen Size-5
  4. Open the fabric, right side facing up. Iron the seam allowance to one side. Flip the fabric and iron the seam on the wrong side so it is flat.
  5. Turn the fabric right side together, making sure that it is neatly folded on the joined seam. Iron.
  6. Sew the edge with ¼” seam allowance.
    Color Me Queen Size-6
  7. Open and iron the french seam to one side.
    Color Me Queen Size-7
  8. Now we are going to measure where we are going to fold in the solid fabric edge for the double folded seam. Lay the fabric flat. Fold ½” from the solid fabric raw edge and iron. For the second fold, measure 30 ½” from the Color Me panel end, fold it there and iron.
  9. Fold the fabric wrong side together lengthwise by bringing the top edge to the bottom edge. Make sure the panel and solid strip seam align.
  10. Sew the remaining raw edges with the french seam
  11. Flip it back and you are done!

Color Me Queen Size-8

The measurements in this tutorial will give you a Queen size pillowcase (20”x30”)

If you need a standard (20”x28”) size pillowcase, on step 6 you can fold the solid edge 28 ½” from the opposite end.

Natasha Puspa Kartika

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